Sweet & Saltie 

Nearly a week and a half ago we FINALLY closed on the sale of Prairie Dog. I say FINALLY because we’ve had a sales agreement on the boat since November. Although we said that we were selling the boat “as is,” the survey showed a(n expensive) repair was needed that we agreed to cover, and then after 6 weeks of waiting for the part, then the yard to make the repair, the same repair was needed on the other engine. Let’s just say the new owners got a real deal on the boat. She really was a great liveaboard boat down south.

Prairie Dog on a mooring at Fort Myers Beach…

They say the best day of a boater’s life is when we buy a boat and when we sell the boat. I’d love to say that it was a “best day” but mostly what we both felt was relieved. It’s a relief not having property 1,500 miles away. It’s a relief to not worry about hurricanes and where they are tracking (though we’d been much further ahead from insurance if a hurricane had hit the boatyard and destroyed our boat!). It’s a relief to not have property in Florida, sitting in the heat and sun. And it’s a relief to not be paying storage fees every month.

Late last week we drove to Mackinac City on a beautiful sunny and calm day to check on Mossy Paws. Ron had put her away quickly last August while I was hospitalized and had not been back. It was an emotional day. On the drive up, about two hours north, I realized the last time I’d been that way was the day I drove back to Grand Rapids in late June to see my doctor. When we got to Mossy Paws, she looked great—the outside needs a good wash, but inside she’s ready to move back aboard. As I took measurements for a project and then gathered up items to launder at home, emotion washed over me. A few months ago I was unsure I would have another summer on the boat. And yet, right now, I feel good—SO much better than a year ago. My AML is being held in remission for now with treatment and my latest CT scan shows that my esophageal cancer is basically stable. I’ll take it!

Patiently waiting for her owners…

2 thoughts on “Sweet & Saltie 

  1. I was so excited for you to read that you are getting Mossy Paws ready for the summer season and so happy to hear you are feeling well! Enjoy being back on the water! We’ll look forward to your sharing more pics of your time on Mossy Paws. I’m sure she will be your happy place. Sending all good wishes! Bev and Walt


  2. Ron & Jo, Glad to hear Prairie Dog has sold and that Mossy Paws is getting ready for launch. Here’s wishing you an enjoyable summer season back on the water. Every day is a blessing. Rich

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