More than just a little help from friends…

Three weeks ago I went back into the hospital for what they call “consolidation chemo” to keep me in remission for AML until a donor can be found for the bone marrow transplant I need. I am in the “poor outcome” category without the transplant. Step by step…

In discussion with my oncologist, because Ron is my caregiver, she advised while I was hospitalized would be a good time for him to go north to get Mossy Paws put away for the winter.

Fortunately, Shepler’s was able to accommodate our much earlier-than-normal haul out, and with the help of several friends, Ron got Mossy Paws cleaned up and over to Mackinaw City to be stored away in the storage barn for the winter, and was back at home before I was released from the hospital.

I am so grateful for friends who checked on Mossy Paws as she sat in her slip (sending photos just to prove she was well), for those who sent lovely pics and messages from some of our favorite anchorages, for those who have been regularly checking in on me, and especially for those who helped make a stressful time for Ron just a bit less overwhelming.

Ron and I hope next summer we will be back aboard Mossy Paws, that I will be healthy enough to visit some of those favorite anchorages again. And of course, there’s our grandson due towards the end of November. That little guy we have not yet met is what keeps me going these days.


One thought on “More than just a little help from friends…

  1. Hi JoEllen and Ron,
    You have great friends that are supporting you in so many ways. I’m sure Mossy Paws got a good cleaning before storing her for the winter. You will appreciate her even more next year when you are once again able to enjoy cruising your favorite spots! I think of you and pray for you daily. As always, sending positive healing thoughts and wishes.


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