Project Summer

When we purchased Mossy Paws last year I loved the curtains in the main cabin. I liked the texture of the fabric, the color, the way they filtered light into the cabin.

Last fall, as we put the boat into storage for the winter, I removed the curtains and took them home to launder. When I opened my washer to put the now freshly washed curtains in the dryer, I was dismayed to find nearly all of them had been reduced to shreds of cloth! The only thing I can figure out is that the sun had degraded the fabric to the point that even a gentle wash was too much.

I searched for a similar fabric, but no luck. I ended up with a Waverly fabric that was similar color. I spent last autumn sewing new curtains and wasn’t unhappy with the new look.

That said, as I lived with them this summer, I learned to really dislike them. They weren’t the “clean” look I was going for. They annoyed me.

Spending the majority of the summer in our marina (and on WiFi), I looked at installing cellular blinds in our main cabin. I researched various websites for made-to-order blinds, but the best price I found (with the highest ratings) were from Amazon.

Installation was a cinch using 3M industrial strength adhesive-backed fastener that I cut to size and attached to the boat and then to the frame of the shades. Sure beats drilling holes and trying to install the shade hardware, especially in the very tight spaces where I could barely fit my hand!

We’ve lived with our new window coverings for 3 weeks. I am loving the “clean” look and now that it’s turning cooler, it’s lovely putting the shades up each morning and allowing the warm sun to stream in all five windows!


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