Good to be floating again!

We’ve been busy! We launched July 2, the engine fired right up. The new muffler HAS made a difference… we might not wake the marina up if we fire it up early some morning to depart the harbor. The cat didn’t run and hide when we started up, so that might be a good sign as well.

Once we were settled in our slip at Duncan Bay Boat Club, it was time for cleaning up, installing our pilothouse screens, and acclimating Zola to boat life.

Last fall, I decided we needed phifertex screens to attach to the outside of the windows of our pilothouse. We had shade screens that attached to the inside, but the front screens were difficult to get back up after traveling, and the screens did not help much in preventing the pilothouse from heating up with the sun—not a bad thing in the chilly spring or fall, but on hot summer days it could be very uncomfortable. The AC did not keep up in that area.

Mossy Paws has a beautiful paint job and the thought of installing the fastener studs gave me pause. And then I discovered adhesive stud fasteners. They’re not cheap—a bit over $1 each—but we avoided drilling holes into the fiberglass. That was worth every penny!

I’ve been amazed at the difference the screens I’ve installed so far have made. Our 90+ temps last week were a good test. The inside windows with the screens installed on the outside were still cool to the touch; I could feel the heat radiating from the glass on our pilothouse doors, whose screens had not yet been installed.

And we are pleased to report that Zola is doing GREAT! She is adjusting beautifully and seems to really enjoy living on a small boat.

So much to explore, bugs to chase, places to jump up to (but NOT the canvas bimini!). Her next adventure: a dinghy ride!


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