Meet Zola!

That face… it was love at first sight!

In early March, we received an email from an Abyssinian breeder near Philly we had contacted after Cacao’s death. She was reaching back out to us, asking if we might be interested in a 2-year-old female that was not working out in her new home. The older dog did not like her, a stressful situation. We told Brenda that yes, we were very interested, and made arrangements to pick her up on our way home to Michigan (10 hours out of our way, but we would make an overnight stop in Philly to visit Chase and Erica) at the end of the month.

And then COVID-19 began ramping up in the US. We were wind-bound at the time (Marco Island) and by the time the winds let up, we had decided to haul the boat early, get out of Florida, and pick up our new boat cat before the Philadelphia area shut down. We are so grateful to our kids and to Brenda (Eastwick Abyssinians) for their flexibility as our schedule kept moving up!

It was a very quick exchange on Brenda’s front porch with a disinfected cat carrier and hands fresh with hand sanitizer. But we had a 10-hour drive to get to know one another.

Ron and I self-quarantined for 14 days when we returned; our Governor yesterday extended Michigan’s stay-at-home order until April 30. The three of us have had lots of quality time together! We know that Zola travels well in the car; taking her to Mossy Paws to introduce her to “boat life” will need to wait until next month sometime (hopefully!) but we expect her to do well. In the meantime, we’re working on getting her used to her walking vest so she can go on dinghy rides with us. She does love being with people!


3 thoughts on “Meet Zola!

  1. Margaret and I are very happy for you. Beautiful markings indeed.  Happy Easter and best wishes for continued good health. Much love. R&M


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