Remembering Cacao: the best boat cat EVER!

This past Wednesday morning we said our goodbyes and let our beloved Cacao go. This was sudden, and our grief is raw. Our previous Siamese, Willow (also a boat cat), was a “family pet” raised with our children. We lost her shortly before her 18th birthday. Cacao came to our family a few months after Willow’s death and went just about everywhere with Ron and me.

Cacao was just a baby when we moved him aboard Annwfn for 3 weeks so he could adjust to being a boat cat while he was just a little guy, before moving him back home for the winter.

We couldn’t have asked for a more affectionate, inquisitive, and loving companion. He brought such joy to our lives.

He loved to lounge on my lap as I knit; he was always hanging out close by no matter what we were doing.

He loved strolling the deck (especially in the morning or early evening, out of the heat of the day), and he enjoyed watching the water for whatever might drive or swim by! He knew the sound of our dinghy motor and always greeted us loudly when we returned to the boat.

It was easy to gauge the cold by how tightly he was curled, and he was a purr-box that could be heard across a room.

He wormed his way into the hearts of those who weren’t particularly fond of his species…

…and he loved pretty sunsets sitting atop Mossy Paws’ forward deck, sniffing the air, watching people walk our dock, taking in the pretty sunset.

Rest in peace, Cacao.