Finishing out our first season aboard the Eagle 32 trawler…

Fall seemed to come early this year with lots of wind, some cooler temps, and it seemed a lot of rain once we were nearing the end of August. Shepler’s had openings for haul out in mid-September; we made arrangements to get out of the water before the cold weather hit. We had jobs to do this fall. We wanted to get the old bottom off before putting her away in the shed for the winter.

It doesn’t show in the picture above, but the bottom was pretty ragged with several layers of paint.

The power wash took off a bit of the old bottom, but the real dirty work was ahead of us.

Two days (and aching bodies) later, her bottom is clean and smooth, ready for a new bottom paint job in the spring. It’s a relief knowing we should never have to do this again!


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