Completing our transition to “the dark side…”

This past week, we sold our sailboat, Thyme Hyssop & Wry. She served us well these past 8 years in both saltie and sweetwater seas. She was the most comfortable and roomy sailboat we’ve owned. It’s a great feeling knowing her new owners already love her and will care for the “old girl.”

To those of you who have read Ron’s book, Summer Studies: Retro-cruising the Great Lakes, trust me, the irony of our transition to trawlers (i.e. powerboats) is not lost on us. However, as we near our home port, I have full motion of my shoulder and no pain for the first time in years (my shoulder apparently didn’t like winching in sails). Ron is moving easier too. Yet, I will forever miss that moment when the engine goes off, the sails fill in the quiet, and the boat moves effortlessly through the water to our next destination.


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