Closing in on the Georgian Bay…

This morning we went through two locks (starting at 9 AM when the lock crew arrived), went through a swing bridge, and were motoring into Lake Simcoe by 10 AM. We have had a couple of very hot days (finally summer!) and with light winds from the SSW, it was a perfect morning to get across Lake Simcoe. Weather forecasts were predicting a chance of thunderstorms by afternoon, and so we went into the Port of Orillia Marina for the night. Their facilities rival the facilities at Trent Port Marina–beautiful individual bathrooms (with glass walk-in showers!) and again, free laundry.

About an hour after we arrived, storm cells began popping up. We’ve had some heavy rain, gusty winds, a bit of thunder, but nothing has lasted long.

This evening we are enjoying some beautiful evening light.

Tomorrow we begin the final section of the Trent-Severn Waterway, the Severn River.


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