Baptism by fire…

We had planned to depart Port Ewen aboard our new-to-us trawler at dead low tide on Friday morning–6:30–to get a bit of a push up the Hudson, but we woke to dense fog.

We held off leaving for nearly an hour, until it began to lift, but then ran into very dense fog at the entrance of the Rondout. Fortunately it began lifting for us as we made our way north up the Hudson.

We enjoyed a pleasant day motoring up the Hudson River. It was a slow ride, and a beautiful one. Our plan was do the Federal Lock at Troy, then tie to the wall at Waterford before doing the first 5 locks of the Erie Canal, also known as the Flight. But when we arrived at Waterford, the place was packed with boats; no available space with some boats rafted and two others anchored. (Due to the very high water in this region and continuing rains, the Champlain Canal remains closed. We believe it is likely that most of the boats at Waterford are waiting for that canal to open.) Two boats locked up to Waterford with us at Troy. We had no choice: It was late afternoon, we were tired, but we were going to do the flight of 5 locks before stopping for the night. The good news is that by the 4th lock, we had a much better idea what we were doing!

Around 6:30 that first evening, we tied to a wall just past the second guard gate of Lock 6. We were tired. It was great to fall into bed and get a hard night’s sleep.


6 thoughts on “Baptism by fire…

    • Yeah, I know. Except we’re trying to get to Trenton in 10-12 days because we need to leave the boat, rent a car, to come home for my dad’s memorial service. We had planned to stay a couple of days at Waterford, so I’ve been able to remind Ron that we’re ahead of our schedule by 2 days. Hence, our “lay” day today. It would help if the weather were a bit more cooperative: less wind, less rain, and tonight we have frost warnings. We are SO happy that this boat has heat these past couple of days!


  1. Was that your first time going through locks? It takes a few runs to get a routine down. Congrats on the new boat! I hope you enjoy the journey bringing it home.


    • We’ve locked up and down to Lake Superior a few times, but it’s usually the Canadian lock and they are incredibly helpful. We’ve done the locks on the Okeechobee Waterway, but those are pretty mild. Part of the issue is a new-to-us trawler with bright work that we’re trying not to ding. A third person to grab that second line would be oh so helpful! I really like the locks that have a cable or pole to wrap a mid-ship’s line around, but they don’t all offer them. We should be experts by the time we finish the Trent-Severn!


  2. I stand in awe of the progress you made. When I did this back in ’08 it took me two days to get to Waterford — and I ended up rafting on the outside of the big tour boat. Then got stuck because of high water on the Erie for three days!

    Take time to enjoy your achievements — and the Canal.

    Lot’s of love.


    • We’re trying to get to Trenton in the next 10-12 days because we are going to need to leave the boat and rent a car for a week to go back home for my dad’s memorial service. We plan to take our time on the Trent-Severn! Is Soñadore in the water, or are you waiting for better weather to come north? It sure has been a chilly spring!


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