A new adventure this summer…

Remember last August when Ron told me it was time for a trawler up north and I told him that he had to sell the sailboat first because no way were we going to “own the three boats” thing again?

Following my father’s (unexpected) death this past winter, life has felt just so short, fragile. My father had always been physically healthy, despite the dementia he suffered from during what was the final year of his life. This was a man who regularly played tennis 3 days a week into his 80’s. He skied, he sailed, he walked a brisk mile or better every day up until a year ago.

When I returned to Prairie Dog after my dad’s death, I sat down with Ron and told him that if he wants a trawler for the Great Lakes, let’s buy the damn trawler! It’s obvious that life aboard a trawler is much easier on Ron’s body (less bracing, stooping, pulling, winching) and it’s not like we HAVE to sell Thyme Hyssop & Wry, though we hate the idea of paying to store the boat.

And so, we can now announce that we found our FINAL (?) boat for our beloved Great Lakes cruising: a sweet little Eagle 32 Transpac trawler. Our upcoming summer adventure will include the Erie Canal and Trent Severn Waterway, something Ron and I have dreamed of doing for 34 years. And yes, if you know anyone interested in a great deal on a sailboat, Thyme Hyssop & Wry is still for sale, ready to view, stored inside one of the Shepler sheds at Mackinaw City.


10 thoughts on “A new adventure this summer…

  1. You go right by our place on Georgian Bay. Would love to show you around and have you at our dock and next door at our favourite anchorage. Harold and Sue Darch would join us all and maybe a few others. Email David and Susan at davidglallen@aol.com or call us at 705 756-1135 or cell 416 801-0903. Hope we can meet up when you come by!


    • Wonderful to hear from you! I’ve added your contact info and we will plan to let you know once we’re near. It likely won’t be until some time in July. We hope to reach the start of the Trent Severn by the 3rd week in June, then need to leave the boat & rent a car for a week or so to travel back home for my father’s memorial service. We’ll continue our trip-of-a-lifetime when we return around 6/26. We will be in touch. Would be lovely to see you!


      • Sounds like a plan. Let us know if you need any info before you get into the Trent. Don’t miss the Canoe Museum in Peterborough. It is a must see as you go through Peterborough. That type of info we can supply!



  2. Congratulations! Paul says your the Woman! (He’d love to hear “just buy the damn boat”)😋

    And I understand, sailboats were too hard on my body a decade ago.

    I understand we missed connecting in Punta Gorda, I hope we get a chance to see you and the new boat in the North Channel this summer.

    Stephanie still knitting Sent from my iPhone



  3. Ron & Jo, Congratulations on your latest purchase. It’s a sweet looking boat that I’m sure will carry you into a few more years of cruising. Can one assume your buying it somewhere east and bring it back via Erie, Trent-Severn, etc?

    Enjoy, Rich

    Sent from my iPad



    • Yup. Boat is currently located just off the Hudson, a day’s cruise from the beginning of the Erie Canal. We’re heading out there this coming week. Parts of the canal are delayed in opening due to the high water. Hoping the entire canal is open by first of June so we can make our way to getting to the Trent Severn. Logistics are a bit interesting as we need to leave the boat a couple of weeks and rent a car to make our way home for my dad’s memorial service on the Summer Solstice.


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