Days at East Hotham…

We were anchored at Beatty Bay, waking to a glass mirror, but the 0500 North Channel forecast had changed, calling for W15 and lasting into the next 24 hours. Beatty Bay used to have a “breakwall” from waves coming in from the west, but that breakwall has disappeared under the high water. And so we decided we’d better move to an anchorage with more protection from the west.

We ended up at East Hotham, one of our favorite small anchorages. When we arrived, there was just one boat anchored and so we pulled deep into the small cove where we found protection from all but the strongest gusts. I teased Ron when we arrived that I wanted to spend three days here–water is warm for swimming, great protection from the wind, amazing scenery, the kayaking and fishing are great…

In the end, we spent 5 (FIVE!) nights at anchor here… The weather has been strange with winds going light overnight, waking to calm in the anchorage, but by late morning the west winds would fill back in and blow heavy through the rest of the day. What we could see of the McBean Channel was full of whitecaps and afternoons were too strong a paddle for my inflatable kayak. When we left the anchorage (before 0700 yesterday), our small anchorage had grown to six boats. It was a great spot to spend a few days!


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