Little Current

One of our provisioning stops each year is Little Current, located on the far northeast end of Manitoulin Island. Each time we stop, we look forward to lunch at the hot dog stand in the park; trips to the grocery stores, health food store, and LCBO; a hot shower; breakfast at the Anchor Inn (and decent wifi); and attending the Cruiser’s Net broadcast, helping Roy Eaton (net controller) by writing down the names of the boats that “check in” from around the North Channel and northern Georgian Bay. Right now, the Cruiser’s Net is averaging around 100 boats checking in each morning.

I personally look forward to a day in port to get my “steps.” I love to walk, but my 10,000 steps a day goal suffers greatly during our summer cruises when time off the boat is spent in our dinghy or my kayak.

Entering and exiting from the east always entails waiting for an opening by the Little Current swing bridge. The bridge opens on the hour, allowing boats to pass through.

Little Current is visited by a couple of cruise ships during the summer. We woke to Victory arriving a week ago Friday morning we were in port.


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