It’s been a tough couple of weeks…

since leaving the boatyard, all related to family crises back at home. We had planned to spend a few days making our way to Fort Myers Beach, spending time at some of our favorite anchorages: Cayo Costa, Don Pedro, Ding Darling. However, after a day at anchor spent mostly on my cell phone, we sped straight to Fort Myers Beach to grab a mooring ball, where Ron could sit safe and comfortable while I flew home.

Our day-long trip, once we left the canal, was filled with dolphins swimming in our slipstream, entertaining us with their flips and jumps for 20-30 minutes at a time. And then there was this guy: Jumping dolphin! What a ham! The dolphin visits brought us so much joy, such interest, such distraction, on a day that was filled with worry, concern and frustration. The natural world rules again!


One thought on “It’s been a tough couple of weeks…

  1. Hi guys, welcome back to sunny, warm, calm gentle winds – hmmmm, well at least Welcome Back! Wondered what your plans were for February. We are here until March 1. The Cruisers' Net party will be on Wed. Feb. 21. Roy


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