A monster named “Irma…”

The downside to owning a “winter boat” stored near our cruising waters in Florida is that we are obsessive about each and every depression that forms, concerned whether it will grow into a hurricane and hit our boat. In 2004, Hurricane Charley hit very near the area we store our boat. So many boats in the area boatyards were destroyed or heavily damaged, not to mention homes and stores and infrastructure. What are the chances of a hurricane hitting the same area again? With a storm the size of Irma, chances are very good.

Seems we’ve been watching Irma’s forecast track for a week now. The entire Florida peninsula has been in the “cone of probability” for days. We were feeling less concerned for our boat when the suggested track skirted the east coast, but each update has ticked the track just a bit west and this morning that track goes right over where Prairie Dog sits on the hard.

However, our boat means nothing when we think of friends and families in Irma’s path. Some have evacuated out of state, some have chosen to stay and ride out the storm in shelters, others are just this morning finding Irma’s forecast track ticking perilously closer… How do you evacuate an entire state with a large population, and where do you go to escape the storm? I cannot imagine the stress.

I am a member of a “Women Who Sail” Facebook group and there are accounts of the storm as it tore through the Caribbean. Some have lost their homes. This is such scary stuff and it is totally out of any one’s control.

What will be, will be. I keep all in my thoughts this weekend. –jes


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