Journey into grief…

Today marks the end of a tough, very painful year. A short time before my sister died, she told me that she feared being forgotten. So often these past 12 months I've said aloud, "Oh, you silly girl! Forgotten? Please!"

Amy, we still miss you so…


2 thoughts on “Journey into grief…

  1. Amy will never be forgotten! You will never be forgotten either! I still have a few of the needles you gave me and I can not bear to use them! Hugs to you..wishing we could take a walk on the beach! Elaine (Elle & I)


    • Oh, Elaine, I so missed seeing you this past winter, but heard you sold Elle & I and are back home again? You have your kitchen back?! I’ve been coiling pine needle baskets like mad these past 6 months as I discovered they bring Amy so close… And I’m going to do a pine needle basket workshop for our local Gilda’s Club to help honor my sister’s memory. It’s something she would have done… Love to you and Lawrence! Please stay in touch…


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