It’s been a busy spring…

We promised ourselves once we sold our Niagara 35, we would put money into Thyme Hyssop & Wry–some cosmetic issues, some maintenance issues. A customs agent boarded us last summer in Little Current and (very nicely) commented his surprise by our “nice interior;” our boat looked “a bit rough” from the dock. It’s true. While south we let her teak go gray and there were areas the varnish was still wearing off. We’d destroyed her hard bimini readying to ship her north so our solar panels were sitting atop a bare bimini frame. Yeah, she looked a bit sad. Her interior was decent though. And the coat of latex paint we applied last spring to her vinyl headliner, covering stains that had accumulated over the years, did wonders to brighten and freshen her interior. (We’re still pinching ourselves at how great it looks over a year later.) And so we’ve been busy since returning home this spring, preparing Thyme Hyssop & Wry for the season. We replaced the aging navigation instruments with new ones from Simrad…

We refinished our companionway doors and trim…

We overhauled the Diesel engine… Actually, we paid Shepler’s to do much of this. However, Ron installed a new Racor fuel filter to enable us to more effectively/easily bleed the fuel lines when needed.

Settee cushions… From a distance, our settee cushions didn’t look that bad, but they were gross: the fabric was disintegrating in places, the foam was too soft, and they smelled like a wet dog. For 5 seasons, I’ve covered the seats in sheet towels. This spring I researched the various options for sewing new cushion covers and settled on the Bullnose cushion, which seemed closest to what we had. I ordered the fabric from Sailrite and purchased new foam and Dacron batting locally. Mike at AACAWAY Bedding made good suggestions as to thickness and density of foam (4″ harder foam with 2″ of a softer foam glued to top for more comfort), cut it to size, and it was still less expensive than I could find any where online. And since I had my sewing machine out, I might as well sew some new curtains for our windows.

Bottom of keel repair redux… We were still getting some water in our bilge last season, even following our repair to the bottom of our keel while still in Florida. However, we were also having a problem with our freshwater pump (in that it constantly ran) after shipping the boat north. In truth, we weren’t convinced that our “leaky keel” wasn’t actually our freshwater system. We made a half-hearted attempt to figure this out last season, but there were so many projects and we needed the winter to think it through. To make a long story short, we finally found a small crack in the plastic pipe that provides water to our hot water heater from our water tanks. Once we made a temporary fix, a pinhole appeared in the pipe that carries hot water from the tank in the same area of the first pipe. We will replace both pipes before next season, but for now our bilge is remaining dry. 

A new hard bimini…
For the past 4 weeks since launching Thyme Hyssop & Wry, we’ve been living aboard with a few trips back to Grand Rapids for me, to be with my sister who continues her very tough battle with cancer. We hope to leave Cheboygan in the next few days, to spend some time in the far west end of the North Channel, as long as Amy’s health is stable.


5 thoughts on “It’s been a busy spring…

  1. WOW, what a lot of work … beautiful upgrades indeed. Pleased to read you’re returning to the North Channel but worried I will not be able to welcome you if you stay in the “far west”. Safe, enjoyable travels. Roy


  2. Gorgeous improvements!! Isn’t it nicer, too, not to have buttons on the settees? Hope you get some good time out on the water. And your sister remains in our thoughts.


    • Thanks Tanya… I thought about adding the buttons on the new cushions, but the buttons were always too much of an enticement to our cat–loves to “dig” at them. And we’ve quickly discovered that the cushions are more comfortable without the buttons. Win/win!


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