Two magical events within 24 hours…

On Monday evening, the summer solstice, I greatly anticipated viewing the rising of the full moon, the strawberry moon. (The strawberry moon was given that name by the Algonquin tribes because it occurs right at the height of the season when strawberries are harvested.) I will not see a full moon on the summer solstice again in my lifetime; the next full moon on the summer solstice will occur in 2062. The gods were with me: the skies stayed clear and after a very windy day, the winds died to a perfectly calm evening:

And then, last evening as the sun was setting, a light shower came through Cheboygan. Our dock became alive as the rainbow appeared:



4 thoughts on “Two magical events within 24 hours…

  1. Those are gorgeous photos!

    I was wondering how your sister is doing? I am in Maine, and had dinner last night with the friend who organized “happy hour” when I was caring for my brother. Friends and neighbors knew from 4-5pm they were welcome to drop in, and no discussions allowed about health, medications etc… It was a welcome 1 hour respite each day. Hope you are enjoying these lovely early summer days.



  2. I have never seen such a unique marina picture. Awesome. May I have your permission to post your picture and write up on the occasion to the Cruisers’ Net Facebook site. If the answer is yes, which one of you famous photographers gets the credit. Beautiful. Roy Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 14:44:07 +0000 To:


    • Absolutely, you have my permission Roy. No filters, no photoshop, but I did need to do a slight panoramic to get the entire rainbow in the frame. This photo was taken with my iPad.

      Hoping to get into the North Channel next month but not leaving until I know my sister is “ok”–hoping to hear her tumor marker is decreasing again before I go too far from her…


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