A stop at Cayo Costa…

We woke yesterday morning to dead calm conditions. Bimini Basin was down to just 12 boats including Prairie Dog. We started our engines to warm them up (as Cacao flew to the aft cabin to hide in his “hidey hole” for the duration of our trip–he does not like the engine noise!) and Ron went forward to raise our anchor. It came up easy, considering all the wind we’ve had over the last couple of days.

 These signs are all over the ICW. Seriously, have you ever seen how slow manatees move? They don’t have a prayer!

Even though we headed out early, just after the sun was up, we still encountered a lot of boat traffic, most of whom were throwing large wakes. As sailors, when we began thinking of buying a trawler, we began checking them (and their wake) as they motored by or toward us before choosing a Prairie 36. We initially looked at tug trawlers (until we found them out of our price range). We can tell you that Nordic Tugs are great for throwing little wake, but in the North Channel we discovered the small Ranger Tugs, which we initially liked, throw large wakes. And we discovered in the ICW yesterday, so do American Tugs. Seriously? Don’t you guys ever look to see boats behind you as they wallow in your wake?

Ron kept hearing what he thought was an alarm going off–a chirping of sorts. Turned out it was this osprey couple, VERY upset at all the boat traffic going by their nest!

We anchored in Pelican Bay, at Cayo Costa Island yesterday afternoon. We had forgotten what clear water one finds here, especially since Florida has been letting so much water from Lake Okeechobee flow out into the Caloosahatchie due to the very high water levels this winter. The water at Fort Myers Beach has been brown and muddy–not very enticing.


Today we went to shore. We walked across the island to the beach (crowded for Cayo Costa–lots of campers–but sparse compared to Spring Break at FMB!) and came close to getting our 10,000 steps. Although we often see dolphins and manatees in this anchorage, we had not seen an alligator. This little guy (and he was a small one) was entertaining some kids in a small lagoon near our dinghy. He began to slowly move in the water, then snapped up to grab a minnow or bug–happened so fast it was hard to say–and we ALL jumped back! They can move FAST!

We plan to head up towards the boatyard tomorrow, to get into the protected canal before the next cold front, due to arrive on Saturday.



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