This morning it is dead calm… Cool, but sunny and calm.

On Wednesday, we seemed to be in “the sweet spot.” As the line of thunderstorms and severe weather approached, the line broke in two as it reached us, with the worst storms going north and south of our location. We had some squally winds at one point and some very hard rain, but most of the day was just cloudy, warm and incredibly humid. 

We stayed aboard the entire day but never saw the forecast gale-force winds. That’s okay. It was nice, for once, to have the winds lighter than forecast! However, areas to our north and east did not escape the severe weather. It was a day with many tornados over a large area and 10″ of snow back home in Grand Rapids!


2 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. We stayed in a marina for 2 days and questioned whether it was necessary until we hear from other boaters who didn’t go into the marina. Now we have NO issue with the money spent!! 🙂


  2. Such a nice treat to see you the other day. Glad to read that all went well with those high winds. Wild for a while here but no damage in the park, I’m sure you saw pictures of the result of the two tornados which touched down in Port Charlotte. Wish we would have had time to go aboard your new yacht, maybe next year. Have a great winter, see you in the North Channel come summer.

    Best wishes
    Roy and Margaret


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