So. Much. Rain.

Today looks like this:  

This day is well-deserved after 48+ hours of rain. This month alone, 12.98 inches of rain has been recorded in this area, breaking all records for January rainfall (previous record was 7.95 inches in 1991). This is more rain than they typically receive in the summer, during their rainy months. The good news is that Prairie Dog is (so far) a dry boat–no leaks yet!

So, how do we keep ourselves busy when we’re “trapped” on board for over two days? Ron is a voracious reader of mysteries; he was able to delete seven from his Kindle after the two days. I finished one book and started another,  

  worked on my Remembering Isabel lace cover, named for a dear friend who left this world 5 years ago (the pattern is named “Circle of Life” and seems an appropriate way to remember her–I am very close to finishing it so I’m slowing myself down)  


and I finished a cotton/linen top I was knitting. 


I even finished a pine needle basket:

  It was a long two days! At least we weren’t dealing with high winds, nor were any of the thunderstorm cells severe. However, that cannot be said for the eastern coast. Friends in anchorages and mooring fields in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami areas experienced all the rain plus severe storms and tornadoes. Uncle!

This morning while ashore doing laundry, I met a woman living aboard one of the boats anchored behind the mooring field. Her boat (home) was damaged during the last windstorm here when another anchored boat dragged into her. She told me that she’s lived aboard here at Fort Myers Beach for the last 6 years and has never experienced storms like we’ve had in the last 3 weeks. I guess that makes me feel better?


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