Interceptor Lagoon

We launched late this morning and after assuring himself that we had no leaks, Ron started both engines and ran them for a couple of hours, making certain there were no issues. There seem to be none except our port engine temperature gauges don’t seem to work. The one shows no temp, the other gauge shows we’re overheating. We are not. This will be something we will try to fix this winter. Wish us luck!

When I returned from putting our car into storage at the J&R yard, Ron was ready to leave. I took a quick shower and loaded up on ice. One of Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage’s “perks” is a very large ice machine (purchased, apparently, by boaters who really appreciate their ice for drinks) with a non-ending supply of free ice! What a treat, especially in the hot steamy weather we’ve had lately, to make trips to “the hut” to fill our ice chests and water bottles with fresh ice! We’ll see how well our insulated “ice box” works to keep these ice cubes! With final “chores” complete, we quietly left the dock to no fanfare.

We haven’t gone far. We’ve been in the boatyard for what seems like a long time and it feels so good to be floating and at anchor. The clouds gave way to sun as soon as we put our anchor down. We even have a sundog:

It’s turning into a lovely evening. We’re trying to decide what we’re going to do tomorrow, whether to depart the lock on the rising tide early tomorrow afternoon or if we want to stay here through the (rainy?) weekend. We’ll see how we feel in the morning. In the meantime, this really is a lovely anchorage:

This sailboat joined us here a bit ago. They draw 6′, so we expect that they’re waiting for the really high tide, at 1:00 AM. Fortunately, the lock is well-lit overnight for boats that need to transit in the middle of the night!


2 thoughts on “Interceptor Lagoon

  1. Have Ron get a Laser temp sensor. They aren’t that expensive and are great for remotely checking temps of all kind of things.

    Bill Matley

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