Yes, it’s been a while…

Lots has happened since we returned early from our North Channel cruise four months ago: I returned to the McNair Scholars Program to work the fall semester; I accompanied my sister to her oncologist’s appointment after learning her pancreatic tumor was still inoperable to begin asking some “hard” questions; Ron and I moved back into our house for the fall, cramping our daughter and son-in-law’s life (who are house-sitting for us) for a while though we sure did eat well (thanks Auna and Jordon!); Ron spent 5 weeks in Florida, during a sweltering fall, getting our trawler ready for winter cruising while I worked 3 days a week.

My sister began a different chemotherapy treatment in August and just finished 6 (3-week) cycles by Christmas. We will know more once she receives the results of her PET scan next week though the numbers are showing some promise to managing the cancer.

I finished my work with McNair on December 17 and began preparing for an early Christmas celebration with our family. It was the first time we had all been together in a year…


…and I think it was the first time in a year that all of us siblings were together.   

  Special times…

And then it was time to scatter: Chase and Erica were catching a flight to Japan, Ron and I were heading south to move aboard “Prairie Dog”, and Auna and Jordon were spending this Christmas in Milwaukee with Jordon’s family. As tough as it was to be away from family on Christmas, I couldn’t have asked for better substitute family in Melissa, Susan, Alison and Rod, good North Channel cruising friends. We gathered at Melissa’s home in Sarasota on Christmas Eve and enjoyed a relaxing friends-as-family celebration.

We moved aboard the boat on Christmas Day and have kept busy during this unusual hot and humid holiday week. It sure would be nice to have air conditioning as temperatures have been in the upper 80’s every single day. I would like to publicly apologize to Ron for joking about his being ready for bed by 8:30 PM each night when he was here in November. After a few days working in this heat, I understand how it saps your energy!

On this New Year’s Eve, we wish everyone a happy new year!


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