Back in the land of the maple leaf…

  We have entered Canada and are “sipping” data for the next 3 weeks. Our international data plans on our iPads only give us 120 MB/month for $30. Last year someone on this boat used up his entire 120 MB of data in two days looking at photos of trawlers for sale. I can easily use 120 MB of data in a day posting photos and checking Facebook. We’ve tried other ways of purchasing data for our iPads (switching out SIM cards and getting Canadian friends to let us borrow their credit card), but in the end purchasing pricier international data is simple and allows us to do what we really need: email and messaging to keep in touch with our family. So, you won’t be seeing many photos from us unless we are on wifi!

We are rushing a bit now, trying to make the Great Lakes Cruising Club’s Wilderness Rally in McGregor Bay, beginning on Tuesday. We cleared Canadian Customs at Meldrum Bay on the northwest corner of Manitoulin Island. The Meldrum Bay Inn (fantastic smoked trout fettucine and butter tarts extraordinare!) was open, but the General Store is closed for the rest of the summer and dinner at the Inn wasn’t enough to keep us there overnight so we motored “next door” to Vidal Bay. Unfortunately, Ron’s fish stream was void of the smallmouth bass he has caught the last two times we’ve been there. We had to settle for brats that night for supper. We had our itinerary all planned out: Turnbull, Oak Bay, Little Current to provision, then on to McGregor Bay. But the forecast is calling for more strong winds and (much needed) rain, possible thunderstorms, and so we decided instead of doing two short days, we would do another 34 NM day to get to Oak Bay and sit for a day, feel like we’re really cruising for a change rather than just making a boat delivery!


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