Cheboygan to Harbor Island: A wild ride…

 Wednesday morninng we woke to silence… no wind! It was cool (58º) with a light SW breeze, sunny and cool. We radioed our friends aboard Meretricious, who had left the harbor 2 hours earlier, headed to Beaver Island. They reported SW wind (quite a bit!) with half meter waves. There were no whitecaps on Duncan Bay had no whitecaps, just a light breeze. We decided to take off for Drummond Island rather than waiting another day. As we cleared Duncan Bay, there was quite a swell from the north, winds were more NW 10-15 knots. Really? On the eastern end of Bois Blanc, waves settled a bit behind us and the winds became more westerly. But they were not exactly “light” as forecast. 

By late morning, the wind was not diminishing and waves were unpleasant. We were getting 4′ rollers every so often that were confused, coming from both south and west. We were motorsailing at 6+ knots; we could have just sailed, but we were both anxious to get out of the slop. Perhaps we should have waited another day…

We picked up the 1130 North Channel forecast: Strong wind warning in effect. Winds NW20 –> NW15 –> light late in the day –> SW10 Thursday afternoon. Oooh boy. But when we reached the Detour Light and entered the Detour Passage, winds became light and the seas were settled. What a relief…

And then we got to Potawassing Bay. It was early afternoon and as gradually as we made our course turn to Harbor Island, the wind and waves began building from the NW. As we reached the outer anchorage at Harbor  Island, we had NW 20 and the channel between Harbor Island and Drummond Island was white with breaking waves. But it was so pleasant at anchor: The wind was howling through the trees, up high; we were snug as a bug. And so, yeah, the Canadian forecast, in this case, was the correct forecast.


2 thoughts on “Cheboygan to Harbor Island: A wild ride…

  1. We are in manitwaning left rouse this morning -formula l tomorrow and Gilbert and Sullivan tomorrow evening then after race up to Haywood or MacGregor.we shall finally see you.caught a huge bass in Kowalski cove ann

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    • We are, right at this moment, ALONE in Bud’s Bay. Ron fishing from boat but just feeding the baby perchies. Maybe he should row over to Kowalski Cove… or maybe we should just move our boat in there. I think there’s enough water…


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