Leland to Beaver Island…

 It’s been many years since we were last in Leland, and since that visit, the harbor has new docks/configuration. But that hasn’t changed the fact that the docks are still a place tourists wander, with their ice cream cones and checking out the boats. Because probably half the transient boats were Mac racers making their way back south following the race, the docks were a big draw. So much so, it was difficult at times getting back and forth to our boat. Apparently, we have an interesting life to many 🙂

In my previous blog post, I neglected to mention that my whitefish dinner at the Bluebird was, hands down, some of the best whitefish I’ve had. The Bluebird knows how to do whitefish! Their dinners in the dining room include cinnamon rolls. Way back when, in the years my family rented the cottage at Northport (45+ years ago!), my parents used to bring their leftover rolls home with them after dinner at the Bluebird to have with morning coffee. I remember many mornings walking the railroad track into town to the bakery that made these cinnamon rolls (needed to get there early before they were out!), to bring a bag back to the cottage for breakfast. They are a taste from my childhood. I was thrilled when I learned that even though we were eating “in the bar,” I could purchase a couple of those same cinnamon rolls to take home. They aren’t exactly as I remember (rather than twisting with cinnamon, I think they’re adding it to the dough), but I wasn’t disappointed either. 

 We had rain overnight; morning was damp with fog/mist. We were underway by 0830, motoring north, with the Manitous and Fox Islands obscured by fog. Just after noon, the WSW wind came up enough to allow us to sail. So nice to turn the engine off, which also allowed us to hear approaching vessels. It’s times like these we miss radar (on Annwfn) and AIS (on Prairie Dog). We were looking forward to reaching the southeastern tip of Beaver Island as we expected the seas to go flat and still have our wind. Nope. We reached the Island and the wind shifted to the NW. Seriously? It’s the old, “winds and waves may vary considerably due to shoreline effect.” At least the seas were flat. We motored the rest of the way to St. James Harbor to anchor for the night.

Someone thinks that this basket was placed on the shelf expressly for him.


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