What did we do in Frankfort?


We spent 3 days in Frankfort. We could have just anchored (municipal marina would have cost us $48/night), but an old friend from the Muskegon Yacht Club put a couple of moorings in here back a few years ago, and now has 6 good moorings that he rents out for $20/night. More than we pay for moorings in Florida, but we prefer being tied to a mooring when storms like the one we experienced Monday night blew through.

What did we do sitting on a mooring for 3 days? Ron read 5 books. I finished one book and started another. Ron worked on small boat jobs. I knit.  

 And Cacao helped me seam the sweater I began knitting a year ago. (Now it needs to cool down so that I can wear it!) We surfed the ‘net using Frankfort’s free wifi. We walked the town. We walked to the beach and watched the whitecaps on the Lake and the waves breaking over the north seawall. We waited for the winds to shift.

We could have left yesterday. The forecast called for N winds, but at least in Frankfort, they were mostly E. The Lake had obviously calmed down a lot over the previous day. But Ron still owed me an ice cream cone (for reinstalling the joker valve on our head) and we wanted to do lunch at The Fusion. So we stayed another day. (The chicken yellow curry was worth it!)


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