Frankfort to Leland…

 Today’s forecast was S 10-15 with gusts to 20, waves 1-2 feet. This sounded pretty darn perfect for the 35 nm trip that would take us past Sleeping Bear. In truth, we never saw the promised south wind. We were up early, departing the Frankfort pierhead prior to 0800. There was a bit of swell coming from the south but the wind, what wind there was, was from the east. Okay. We motored for about an hour when a bit of wind settled in out of the SE. We unfurled the jib, turned off the engine, and yes, we were sailing. Ahhhhh. So nice to have the quiet… and then within a half hour we were under 3.5 knots, and the wind kept dropping. Within an hour, the engine was back on again and the water was a glassy calm.

Through the day we saw E, NE, N, NW, SE for a bit, but never did see the promised S wind. And the wind was always light. Let’s just call it variable, okay?

Off from Point Betsie, we could see bottom in 31 feet of water: clear, deep green, so beautiful. Rivals the clear turquoise water we see south sometimes. I was also getting that cold, clean, in-your-face air that I never feel down south. Love this!

Today we also saw a couple dozen Mac racers making their way south following their race last weekend. Half the transient boats here in the Leland Marina this evening are Mac racers on their way home. 

Our stay in Leland is planned to be quick. We took much-needed showers. We walked the town. We visited the grocery store where we found local sweet cherries. We looked for a cat retrieval system (fishing net). We hit the Bluebird for Ron’s favorite restaurant meal (and reason to visit Leland): one pound platter of smelt. Tomorrow our plan is to sail (hopefully) to Beaver Island. In the meantime, looks like we’re going to have some rain overnight.



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