Stayed put in Frankfort…

We woke early to dark skies, gusty southerlies, thunder, and then the rain arrived. Looking at radar, we decided we weren’t going anywhere for a while, even though the worst of it was no doubt to our south:

 For a few years now, Ron’s mantra is “we no longer go to weather.” We have no reason to beat ourselves up to prove we can “do it.” Been there, done that. 

The rain and gusty winds lasted the entire morning, then fog and a bit more rain set in. By early afternoon, the fog and clouds cleared, the sun came out, and we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon checking out downtown Frankfort. I enjoyed fresh buttered popcorn with sea salt at the Stormcloud Brewery for my lunch.

This little guy was just fine with us staying put for the day:
 The forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday is for strong northerlies, though they seem to be moderating a bit on the northerlies for Wednesday. We’ll be watching the marine forecast closely. If weather keeps us here, we’ll just get to know Frankfort a bit better!



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