Ludington to Frankfort

This just about sums up today:

Yup. A true motorboat ride. A trawler captain’s dream day. No wind, no waves, nothing to get in the way of great fuel consumption.

We didn’t get quite the early start that we had planned. Fortunately, after clearing the pierhead and hearing the Badger sound its horn, realized that we had left in the nick of time. We beat her out of the harbor. Last evening, as we were heading to supper, she came into the harbor (she motors in quite fast) with 4 official escorts: two Coastie boats and two Ludington police boats with flashers going. It was pretty exciting, and very impressive watching this massive car ferry make her turn in the channel and back into her dock. Just really relieved we were not in her way as she came in!

In other news, the leaders in the Chicago-Mac race were passing just to the west of us; through binoculars they faded in and out through the mist that lay over the Lake today. We heard that the back of the pack was off Muskegon. The wind is supposed to build up out of the south overnight tonight, so the racers ought to be well north of us by the time we depart Frankfort tomorrow morning.

We are spending the night on one of our friends, Bruce Blinkhorn’s, moorings here in Frankfort. Oh, how we love the peace and privacy that a mooring ball provides. We lucked out and arrived before Bruce and Mary left to head back to Grand Rapids. It was so great catching up with Bruce and meeting his wife, Mary.  And now that we’re back onboard Thyme Hyssop & Wry, it’s such a beautiful evening… even if the wind isn’t (so far) doing what has been forecast.


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