A plan is in place…

I spent the day with my sister as she received her final (we hope) round of aggressive chemotherapy for her pancreatic cancer. A month ago, after her latest CT scan, we were told that “everything was going in the right direction”: Her CA 19.9 (cancer marker) was down to 557 from a high of over 1400, the tumor on her pancreas had decreased in size by about 30%, the spot on her liver was 20% smaller. Her oncologist was taking her case to the surgical team. Three weeks ago, on a Monday, Amy learned that the surgical team wanted the tumor a bit smaller before trying to operate so her oncologist was recommending a couple more rounds of chemo. The following day, back to work full time and finally feeling pretty good and looking great (with hair growing back) she learned that she was to report the following morning to her first of two more agressive chemo treatments–the ones that make her feel so ill and take her days to recover. She was supposed to have received her second round last Wednesday, but her numbers were too low for her to safely receive the treatment. The good news is that this reprieve allowed her to spend a wonderful holiday weekend with family at the cottage up north.

We had initially planned to launch Thyme Hyssop & Wry yesterday, but when Amy’s chemo was postponed last week, we rescheduled for tomorrow. We plan to “move aboard” once we’re launched and the mast is stepped, then I’ll drive back into town on Friday to take my sister to the Lemmen-Holten Cancer Center so that she can have the chemo she is sent home with disconnected from her port, then return her home.

Our daughter and son-in-law (living in Milwaukee) both found themselves without jobs within weeks of each other early last spring. I’ve always fretted that our house is left empty over half the year while we are living aboard. We presented the option of housesitting for us as they explore better opportunities and until they can get established in decent paying jobs. They made the move to Michigan late last spring. Unfortunately, circumstances have kept us at home a lot longer than we had planned this summer. Never fear Auna and Jordon: we are going to be out of your space soon!

Our hope, weather permitting and stars aligning boatwise and all, that we will be heading into Lake Michigan on Saturday morning, setting our sails and heading north towards the Straits. Wish us luck!


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