She’s here!


Yesterday morning, about 4 hours earlier than expected, we received a call from Eric–our trucker (Safe Harbor Haulers)–letting us know that he had arrived in Muskegon. We dropped everything and drove to Torresen’s Marine, where we are prepping her for our trip up Lake Michigan to our slip at Cheboygan, MI. 

Thyme Hyssop & Wry managed her trip up from Florida beautifully. (I wonder if she’s noticed the change in the heat and humidity yet.) We checked her out and began a bit of the unpacking before the big storms rolled in off the Lake early yesterday afternoon. The hard rain couldn’t have hurt. Her decks were still feeling salty. We’ll spend the next couple of weeks cleaning her up and getting ready to introduce her to the sweetwater seas we love to cruise each summer.

And just a word about the hauler we hired to transport our boat: We would not hesitate to hire this guy again (though we’re not planning to ship another boat). We were very impressed with his service. If you’re looking for a boat transport service, we highly recommend Safe Harbor Haulers, LLC!



5 thoughts on “She’s here!

  1. We have decided to compete in race week…hilton to thessalon to blind river to spragge to gore bay to little current and onto the wilderness. Otherwise we might/will stck around here lovely to see anybody Ann & J.

    Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2015 21:47:54 +0000 To:


    • My sister’s chemo was postponed a week due to her numbers not being high enough. So, we’re delayed a few days in taking off. Won’t be able to make the GLCC Rendezvous in Rogers City, but really hoping to get to McGregor Bay in time for the Rally. When is your race week? Perhaps we can catch up with you?


    • Lynn, we’re driving back & forth from GR. Will likely be working on the boat nearly every day (weather permitting) ’til we launch. If you see us in Torresen’s yard, please stop by. It was great fun catching up with you, Ron and your dad this past winter at FMB!


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