LaBelle flora…

Before we begin our workday (it’s take-down-the-mast day on Thyme Hyssop & Wry), I want to quickly share more of the photos I took of my walk around LaBelle.


I wish I knew enough to tell you the names of what I’ve pictured. I have never visited Florida this time of year–my visits have always been in the winter–and the flowering of all these plants amazed me.


I saw a staghorn fern during my first visit to Florida when I was around 20 years old and I’ve adored them ever since. Our sailing friends, Mike and Irina, have a huge staghorn fern hanging from a tree in the front yard of their home in Fort Myers. This fern was even larger. Amazing!


Plants I’ve always known as “house plants,” but this peace lily was waist-tall! 


And orchids blooming, just hanging from a tree in the front yard? They don’t do that in Michigan!  

The LaBelle Nature Park was wild and shaded and beautiful. It wasn’t until I had entered the park, all alone on the trail and hearing skittering away from me further into the interior, that I began wondering what wildlife I might be “disturbing.” I began listening a bit more carefully and watching for snakes!



Slash pine is prevalent in this area of Florida. 


LaBelle even has stands of bamboo!  


LaBelle is so lush, so beautiful… 


…and all right next to the free city docks! 


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