A few miles can make a world of difference…

We departed Fort Myers Beach on Tuesday to begin our trip back to the boatyard to haul out for the season. Unfortunately, the wind was on the nose so we weren’t able to sail, but it was another beautiful Florida day. The weather promised to be settled over the next few days and so we went into Pelican Bay, at Cayo Costa Island, to anchor for the night. The quiet, the dark sky alight with stars, the flat water was so nice for a change. The anchorage at Pelican Bay is one of my favorites as long as there isn’t a strong northerly wind.

While there, I had the opportunity to walk across the island to the beach. Although there were lots of people visiting the island (Cayo Costa is a Florida state park)–spring break brings lots of young people camping in tents–the beach is a stark difference from Fort Myers Beach.

The beach at Cayo Costa, mid-afternoon


The beach at Fort Myers Beach, mid-afternoon



One thought on “A few miles can make a world of difference…

  1. 20 miles from home…ice covered near the Straits and Big and Little Bays de Noc. Open water at Manistique. No no-see-ums here at 30 degrees.

    Thinking of you and your sister; enjoy the time you share…

    Hope to see you this summer. Marilyn and Glen


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