Our last day at FMB…

As we prepare to depart Fort Myers Beach after nearly two months living aboard on a mooring ball, I took the opportunity this morning to do one last morning beach walk.

The beach is a lot busier mornings now than 6 weeks ago.

And if I was walking the beach, I had to stop by one of my favorite spots: the Fort Myers Beach Library.

Other cruisers have told us of the wonderful library at Fort Myers Beach and I had passed by it while riding the trolley back from Publix. It wasn’t until I began doing an occasional morning walk with our friend, Don, who had a regular route he walked every morning (Times Square to beach to Red Coconut to Estero Blvd back to the dinghy dock), that I realized the library wasn’t that far beyond where I often walked. And so Ron and I stopped in one day to check it out. It’s a beautiful facility and I willingly handed over $10 for a 6-month visitor’s pass (enables me to check out “real” books as well as e-books).

Decent wifi is tough to find around here, but the library’s is very good. You have to take an elevator to the 3rd floor and this is what you see when you “land”

I discovered their “Bookmark Cafe” the day I went to the 3rd floor to update my iPad. What a beautiful view! I ordered a cup of coffee (least expensive we found on the Island) and since I’d not yet had breakfast and was always looking for a good cinnamon roll, decided to try theirs. They get their baked goods from the New England Bakery, located on the main road to Fort Myers. I have been spoiled. Heavenly Biscuit, famous for their cinnamon rolls in FMB, are good (they use a biscuit dough). But once I tasted the cinnamon roll at the Cafe, no other cinnamon roll would do. They are to die for: sweet yeast dough loaded with cinnamon, topped with a cream cheese frosting–not horribly sweet like so many others.

And so, this morning I looked forward to slowly savoring my final cinnamon roll this season. Unfortunately, they didn’t have cinnamon rolls this morning. So sad. I had to settle for pain au chocolat. Though tasty, it was not the same.


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