Wind, wind, more wind…

One week ago this morning, we woke to a perfectly calm morning.

It was the first calm morning we had experienced since January 22.

The past month has been so very windy in southern Florida, and it’s not just those of us moored here in Fort Myers Beach. Reading sailing friends’ blogs this winter, the mention of wind seems to be a common “complaint.” Last winter we seemed to have a larger number of cold fronts coming through, and this winter, north winds seem to be the norm. Back home, family and friends were experiencing sub-zero temperatures and even worse with wind chill; here in Fort Myers Beach we had lows overnight in the upper 30’s to low 40’s and very windy, gusty conditions most of the week. Highs only reached the mid-50’s to low 60’s, but we had sun. Thursday was another boat-bound day with gale force gusts and the first prolonged period of whitecaps I’ve seen in this mooring field. It was not particularly pleasant. My Fitbit recorded just 225 steps that day. On the other hand, we have sailing friends who were in the mooring field at Key West during this time. Moorings at Key West are open to the north. I cannot begin to imagine their discomfort and concern for their boats during this last blow.

Friday afternoon we made it into shore and the Matanzas office to renew our mooring ball for another month. This is the start of “spring break” season, so it’s going to get busy around here. That’s okay. It’s mostly quiet and relaxing in the harbor attached to our mooring ball. And perhaps we’ll get some relief from these blows and I can get my kayak back in the water and go explore the mangrove trail again. It’s been a while.

We’ve kept busy this past month getting together with family and friends visiting in the area, making our morning trip to shore before winds increase, walking to the grocery store, walking the beach early in the morning…

…and I discovered the Beach Library–likely my favorite spot in Fort Myers Beach. We discovered the best lunch deal in Fort Myers Beach (Sundays only): Bubba’s BBQ! />

Mostly though, I’ve been missing my sister. This coming Wednesday is her 6th chemotherapy. Her regimen is brutal; we were so naive about this treatment and what she would be able to do. We hope this 6th session is her final chemo. A CT scan is scheduled for March 4th that will give her the answer.


2 thoughts on “Wind, wind, more wind…

  1. I’m with you on this wind! I We’re enjoying the current calm here in Boot Key after days and days of strong blows. We plan to scoot out of here mid-March to make our way up the west coast to St. Pete’s to put Blue Dog up for sale (stressful in many ways!). We’ll keep tabs on your whereabouts, because I would love to cross paths with you! We were in FMB two winters ago during spring break. We spent a day on the beach to people-watch and it was hilarious. 🙂 Sending big hugs to you and your very strong sister. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Current plan right now is to leave here around 3/20 and head back up to Charlotte Harbor to haul out, pending results of my sister’s CT scan next week. Would love to get a chance to see you again! Are you and Shannon moving back to land, to TX? Will PM you… And yes, the people-watching on the beach really is something, especially now that the weather has improved and the “kids” are beginning to arrive!


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