Deja vu…

We launched yesterday morning without incident. We spent overnight at the boatyard’s dock and our plan was to lock out of the South Gulf Cove Lock late this afternoon on the rising tide. However, I heard our bilge pump go off last evening, then again in the middle of the night. This morning we sponged our bilge dry and saw water seeping in, we think, from the back of our keel. Again. Could be the drain plug on the keel; could be a crack. We will be hauled a bit later in the day, when it will be readily apparent where we’re leaking (since the water will be draining out), and we’ll be here a bit longer while we make repairs.

In the meantime, a few photos:

Our drive south was uneventful but for some dense fog in the higher elevations of Tennessee.

Came across this little guy while visiting friends Marilyn and Glenn in the boatyard next door yesterday.
Trust me, I didn’t get all that close to him. I’ve got a new little Nikon digital camera with a sweet zoom!
Have to finish with a photo of my sister’s “trees.” During the past year, Amy has been weaving free-form pine needle “vessels”–beautiful pieces of art. Last spring, Ron and I harvested long needle pines from various places we visited here in southern Florida and brought them home to her. Unfortunately, side effects of chemo are preventing her from creating. Still, every time I see these trees (which are all around us in this area), I think of my sister… as if I needed any reminder.–jes


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