Since we last left you…

It’s been a crazy few weeks since arriving home from our summer cruise. I headed back to work 3 days a week while Ron spent most of the weeks living aboard Annwfn in our slip at Cheboygan. It’s been a lot of driving for me; lots of trawler research for Ron. Ron listed Annwfn for sale with a broker, and we found a trawler that we thought might work for our salty life needs. Alas, the survey uncovered a couple of items that were problematic (and pricey), and we backed away.

We’ve spent special time with family members as we all help my parents downsize their large home and beloved family cottage for their eventual move back to Grand Rapids. If you know of anyone interested in a beautiful, unique, custom-built home with attached “round house” on Grand Traverse Bay, please share this link:

Last weekend we spent Friday and Saturday–two picture-perfect late summer days–helping at my folks’ with another one of their downsizing sales, and then headed a bit further north to the boat on Sunday morning to get our sails off before the wind came up. It had been a full week of dry weather. So nice not bringing wet sails home to dry out!

Monday morning was calm, clear and warm. Our cat enjoyed lounging in the cockpit one last morning:

We finished a few other “haul out” tasks that day before the wind shifted, the temperature dropped 20 degrees, and the fog/mist rolled in. I headed home for work while Ron began watching the weather, planning his motorboat ride to Mackinaw City for haulout.

This is Annwfn being moved to Shepler’s travel lift early Friday morning. I took this photo through our van’s window. It was pouring rain. Ron reports that it had been pouring rain all day and I can attest that we’d had hard rain all night. Nothing like putting the poor old girl to bed soaking wet!

We store Annwfn indoors so she is drying out now. Good thing, because it’s still raining in Michigan today and rain is in our forecast every day through next Tuesday. At least the lake levels are up!


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