We arrived “home” to our slip at Duncan Bay Boat Club yesterday afternoon. We enjoyed a beautiful 50 nm day of motorsailing, and then just motoring, from our anchorage at Turnbull Island to De Tour Village, checking back into the U.S. via cell phone, using NEXUS. Easy peasy. Sure beats the extra miles and time involved to check back into the U.S. in person at Drummond Island Yacht Haven.

We were surprised to wake on Monday morning to 12-15 knots of wind out of the SE at Detour: Not what had been in the forecast when we went to bed. At least the winds were a favorable direction for sailing to Cheboygan, although we weren’t going to have the flat seas we had planned.

As we crossed Lake Huron from the upper peninsula to the lower peninsula, the wind shifted a bit more E and the seas began to build. With the wind at 90º, and with our boat speed climbing over 7 knots on the jib alone, we decided it was time to begin rolling up some of our sail. Our 1-2 foot seas were easily 5-footers by the end and we had 20 knots of wind with gusts to 28 knots. A bit more exciting than we planned, but it was a fast trip!

And so, now we are back. It is so nice to not worry about weather or where we need to be when.

I leave you with a photo of our last evening at Turnbull Island–such a perfect evening to end this season in the North Channel:



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