Heading home…

We left Turnbull Island as the sun was coming up this morning. What a difference 48 hours can make! 

When yesterday’s forecast W20 winds never arrived (yes, they changed the forecast again!), we moved back to the anchorage between Turnbull and Basset Islands, which provides much better protection from NE winds which were forecast for overnight. It was a cool, damp, drizzly day with dense fog until mid day. By late afternoon, in a very calm Turnbull anchorage, we concluded that we could have headed west after all. Oh well, the next day’s forecast looked like the better day.

We woke at dawn to a dead calm, glassy anchorage and quickly got underway. We are motorsailing (as long as this north wind holds) the 48 nm to Detour today, with plans to cross northern Lake Huron to Cheboygan tomorrow. Today is the first day in a week that there is no strong wind warning in Environment Canada’s forecast. We remember being weathered in for 3 days in the past, but we sure didn’t think we’d be unable to move west for an entire week!

Right now, I am most looking forward to a long hot shower once we arrive at Detour later this afternoon. Water temperatures have dropped into the upper 50’s this past week–much too cold for bathing. Even on the sunny days, our solar shower hasn’t warmed the water enough for me.


One thought on “Heading home…

  1. Hi Jo, Glad you’re finally west of Turnbull. Looks like we will be crossing paths tomorrow. We intend to finally leave Duncan bay and head to Detour area. Well give you a VHF call late morning/early afternoon. R&S

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