Captive at Clara…

We woke this morning to bright sun and little wind. We checked the weather forecast: Strong wind warning (5th consecutive day) with W20 by late morning. But the wind forecast off from Thessalon (6 hour motor into the wind) was half what is forecast for this area of the Channel. Tomorrow is looking no better in the west end. And so we decided to leave Turnbull, attempt to get a few miles west before the waves began building back up again (large waves slow our boat’s progress).

We were about one mile west of Clara Island (maybe 3 miles out of Turnbull), getting into the open water away from islands’ protection, when the wind increased to W10 and we were encountering 1-foot rollers. We could see whitecaps forming further to our west, indicating that the wind was building. Ron and I looked at one another. I said, “I don’t particularly feel like spending our whole day motoring this hard.” We were in complete agreement, and so Ron turned Annwfn around and we (very comfortably) motored back to Clara Island to anchor in its cove, which is nicely protected from the westerly winds that are now reaching close to the forecast 20 knots. Our friends on Kahlua III, who were “marooned in Moiles,” have joined us here. We have pizza dough rising in our sunny cockpit and will enjoy some friendly company this evening. And maybe, just maybe, we can get back to U.S. waters in tomorrow’s forecast N15 winds?