Trapped at Turnbull…

On Sunday we departed the Great Lakes Cruising Club’s Georgian Bay Rally a day early to begin making tracks west. We had enjoyed nearly 2 weeks of light wind and picture-perfect summer weather. It was enough to allow us to forget the heavy winds that often come in August. Almost.

We planned for the possibility of being stuck in an anchorage for a couple of days due to weather. Good thing. Today is the fourth day in a row that Environment Canada has issued a strong wind warning (winds 20 knots or more) and their extended forecast is showing no reprieve from the heavy north and west winds. On Tuesday, during a break in the heavy rain and winds, we motored west, into the wind, to an anchorage, at Turnbull Island. This is our regular “jumping off” point to Thessalon (35 nm, 6-7 hour trip), though we’ve also made a longer passage to Detour a couple of times in the many years we’ve cruised here. It’s a long day, but doable, in the right conditions. However, the extended forecast is not promising “the right conditions.” The good news is that this is a protected and comfortable anchorage, and if heavy west winds get too uncomfortable (forecast for tomorrow), there is a protected anchorage just a short motor away, at Clara Island.

Currently, the long range forecast is promising for getting across the top of Lake Huron, back to Cheboygan, on Sunday or Monday. We just need to get back into U.S. waters, near Drummond Island. Again, the U.S. forecast is less intimidating than the Canadian forecast. Problem is, over the past few days, the Canadian forecast has been more accurate. We’ve been told by a Canadian boater we met in Moiles Harbour that is most accurate. If so, it looks like Saturday may be a long day passage to Detour. 

We spend our days aboard Annwfn (my poor Fitbit goals…): Ron reads and fishes (3 books, 1 fish yesterday), I knit and read. We drink coffee and hot tea during the day (it’s been very chilly these past couple of days). We listen to NPR programs on Sirius radio. I’m making lentil soup for our dinner this evening. We continue to check the forecasts, thinking they might change.

It can’t blow stink forever, right?


One thought on “Trapped at Turnbull…

  1. Thanks for the info, I’ve been wondering how and where you are. Good to know you are sitting somewhere reasonably safe.

    Love you, Mom & Dad


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