Heading west…

This morning we woke to dense fog. Once again, wind forecast is light today. We’ve spent the past couple of days anchored at Keyhole Island, in Collin’s Inlet, in the very NW corner of the Georgian Bay. We’ve been anchored with friends, both old and new, attending the Great Lakes Cruising Club’s Georgian Bay Rally. The past few days have been beautiful–kayaking for me, fishing for Ron, wild blueberry picking and lots of socializing for both of us. And we finally experienced our bear sighting for this summer: as we arrived at Keyhole, a bear was swimming across the anchorage. Once he scrambled up onto the rocks, he quickly disappeared into the trees and brush. 

We have a week to get Annwfn back “home” to Cheboygan so that I can return to work. We have a couple of good days forecast for making tracks west before some heavier weather arrives mid-week, and so we raised anchor a day early, before the end of the Rally, to begin heading west. Our plan is to do some longer days than normal and get up against the north shore in case the N25 winds really do materialize on Wednesday. We may need to hole up in a protected anchorage for a day or two.


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