Enjoying the quiet…

I love Manitowaning. This village is located near the very bottom of 12-mile long Manitowaning Bay. There are no bays or coves to anchor along the shoreline, though the anchorage off the marina is very good as long as you don’t have a heavy NE wind. We’ve have very little wind the three days we’ve been here!

There’s not a lot to the town, though it has a very good grocery store, the Musky Widows restaurant/bar, an LCBO, and several small shops. There is also a very interesting local museum. There is a large hardware store outside of town, on the main road, but one can walk “downtown” in less than 5 minutes if you’re fairly mobile. It’s a very small town. And perhaps because it is such a small town, our waitress at the Musky Widow recognized us from our visit two years ago! (Probably helped that we were with the Finn and the Welsh woman…)

Burns Wharf, next to the marina, used to house theatre performances every summer. In fact, last time we were here, I accompanied my friend to a performance of The Mikado. However, we hear now that the theatre has been closed down due to fire hazard. The used book store is still housed there though, open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The Norisle used to be a ship museum, but is closed down now.

The marina here is small and the facilities aren’t fancy, but we haven’t found more friendly and helpful marina staff. It was a delight to run into Will early this morning. We met him 3-4 years ago when he took over as harbormaster here. He now manages the marina part time, hiring and training college-age “kids” to manage the boaters coming in and out of the docks. We took a dock one night; anchored off their docks two nights. We’ve been well served by both Nathan and Natasha during our visit here.

The weather has been so beautiful these past few days and it’s likely the park and swim beach will be busy again later this afternoon, once people are off work. I enjoy watching this community coming together early each evening, bringing their children to swim and cool off before bedtime. In earlier years, there were issues with some youth causing trouble or intimidating guests using the facilities in the park. Today those issues appear to be non-existent. Will, your ideas of inclusion worked!


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