This is more like it!

Finally, we are enjoying a more normal North Channel summer: sun, light winds, comfortable day and night time temperatures. We are anchored in a protected cove in McGregor Bay with no cell phone signal, but surprisingly, a decent data signal. Go figure.

Yesterday we joined two other couples to hike to the top of the bluff that overlooks Baie Fine (in the photo on the left) and McGregor Bay (on the right). We’ve done the hike before; neither of us remembered it being as long or as difficult. This may be an issue being a few years older! At least my Fitbit stats won’t be so embarressing this week. Although I only got 5,000 steps on the hike, according to my Fitbit we climbed 38 floors. The view was worth the climb! 

Can’t resist throwing this photo in as well. Just an example of some of the beauty we see on the ground…


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