It’s been an eventful week or two. I traveled back home for a couple of family events; Ron stayed with the boat. And in a text, he told me that he had contacted a boat broker about putting Annwfn up for sale.


For the past couple of winters, cruising southern Florida, I have questioned the fact that we own a sailboat, that a small trawler would make better sense since we hardly ever sail. Oh, we might have a couple of decent sails each winter (not last winter, though), but the majority of the time we are motoring up and down the intercoastal waterways, trying to time bridge openings. And there are places we can’t really go (across the Okeechobee Waterway, for example) due to fixed bridges and our mast being just a bit too tall. I have also said that I think we should bring Thyme Hyssop & Wry north to the Great Lakes once we’re finished with the “southern boat thing” since she’s a very comfortable cruising boat. I’m learning to trust her now that her keel is no longer leaking!

Apparently, Ron has been listening.

Something you need to know about my husband: He cannot stand having nothing to do. (That recent study that gave people the choice of sitting 15 minutes alone with their thoughts or giving themselves an electric shock? Yeah, I’m betting Ron would be giving himself electric shocks…) Annwfn, “the good child,” is “done” except for the necessary periodic maintenance all boats need. Thyme Hyssop & Wry, on the other hand, is still a “project boat.” She has potential.

And so, Annwfn is on the market. We’ll list it with a broker once we’re back and if she sells, our next adventure will be sailing TH&W back to the Great Lakes. And then it’s moving halfway to “the dark side,” and the search for a small trawler that is a “diamond in the rough.”


2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes????

  1. Lovely boat. Timing is everything it seems. Good boats seemingly come and go while I am waiting for my financial picture to settle. (waiting for my pension stuff to come in order) They tell me patience is a virtue!
    Can you tell me if the Niagara 35 is classified as a blue water boat? Also how is it for single handed sailing.
    If my financial affairs sort themselves out before you have it sold I may in fact be interested in taking a peek. Although I am a bit confused as to the location of the vessel, On the Great Lakes or in Florida? I am in Ontario with Lake Ontario in my back yard. Sailing plans for me would be similar to what you have been doing, up and down the ICW and around to Florida, hopefully trips to the Bahama’s and Cuba assuming this is a vessel suited for such journeys.
    Hope to hear back from you when you have a moment.


    • Bill, “Annwfn” (the Niagara 35) is on the Great Lakes. We are currently cruising the North Channel and northern Georgian Bay until mid-August, then will be returning to our home port in Cheboygan, MI. I know of at least one Niagara 35 that has done a circumnavigation; we have seen 3 Niagara 35’s during two stays in Boot Key Harbor in the Florida Keys. Ron is a singlehander from way back and so yes, Annwfn is set up for singlehanding. If you’d like, please contact us directly at dweller at gvsu dot edu.


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