Suddenly Summer…

Two short months ago, there was still ice in the anchorages we’ve been these past few days. And yet, amazingly, the water is warm enough for swimming. We haven’t registered any water temperature under 70º since leaving Thessalon. Our days have been warm and sunny for the most part, much more like summer than we’ve experienced at our slip in Cheboygan. However, we likely have at least another week before we’ll be picking any North Channel blueberries.

We’ve been seeing a lot of pollen on the water. A couple of times we’ve seen trees exhale plumes of pollen into the wind. 

We are pleased to report that Ron IS catching fish, even this early in the summer. We’ve had two very good fish dinners, one of which was mostly perch, which is my favorite.

July 1st was Canada Day; it is also the day that Roy Eaton begins broadcasting the Little Current Cruiser’s Net through the North Channel area. We spent last summer in Lake Superior and missed the Cruiser’s Net and Roy’s reassuring voice; it feels good now tuning our VHF to channel 71 each morning at 9 AM to hear the broadcasts. Roy begins with an opening for any emergency traffic, gives listeners the North Channel and Georgian Bay marine weather forecast, bits of news and sports, and then asks boaters to call in with their location. It’s interesting learning which boats are where, boats currently in the area, and old friends who may be near. This week the number of boats reporting in have ranged in the 50-boat range; towards the end of July, Roy will likely have 3 times that number calling in each morning.

I’ve had the opportunity to use my kayak more in the past week than I used it all the time we were south this winter. Annwfn’s “Canadian stern” is somehow easier for me to get in and out of my inflatable kayak by myself, without Ron’s help. So if Ron is out fishing in the dinghy, I can still manage getting out in my little boat for a bit of paddling. I am enjoying paddling up close to rocky areas we would normally avoid with our little outboard. I love how I can float up close to wildlife, just watching them go about their lives (lots of water fowl with their itty bitty young right now). And I am viewing “art” growing below the surface of these crystal clear waters:


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