We’ve had a wifi booster for the past couple of years, which allows us to pick up unsecured wifi in areas we travel. The first year, we often found signals while traveling southern Florida; last season, not so much. In fact, we’re often lucky to pick up a dock restaurant’s signal. They’re on to us freeloaders.

Traveling the North Channel, I think it’s fair to say we’ve never picked up a wifi signal in anchorages. It’s wilderness up here! However, the wifi booster comes in handy, bringing a much stronger wifi signal into the boat for our laptops and iPads to connect more easily and comfortably (and in the case of Hilton Beach Marina, allows us to use our single log-in for all our wifi devices). Nothing like sitting in a wet cold cockpit, trying to finish up email: been there, done that!

But this morning was a true first: as we motored away from Thessalon, I realized we still had a wifi signal. Our booster didn’t lose the signal from Thessalon Marina until we were nearly 2 nm out. I think that is darn impressive. There might be something about the atmosphere on this particular day that is helping, however. We’ve been picking up an AT&T data signal from Drummond Island all morning. And we just spoke with our friends aboard Deborah Ann… on their way from Duncan Bay to Government Bay in northern Lake Huron!