Does It Get Any Better Than This?

As I write this, we are anchored at Harbor Island (just north of Drummond) with no(t enough) cellular signal to post or make a phone call. We are listening to the USA vs. Portugal soccer game on Sirius radio. There are two other boats in the inner anchorage with us: Reverie and Freedom’s Turn.The folks on Reverie are dear friends we’ve known a long time; Freedom’s Turn docks near us and we had the opportunity this evening to get to know them better. The anchorage is calm and warm; water is at 68º which seems unreal, considering the fact that this area was still covered in ice about 2 months ago. There is a steady east breeze outside the anchorage, but we’re well-protected here and the water is dead calm. We just enjoyed a very good steak dinner in the cockpit, perfectly comfortable in shorts and tees. Cacao (our cat) is stalking the dragonflies visiting our boat.

Why can’t our saltie anchorages ever be like Harbor Island, usually our first anchorage of the North Channel? As Ron says, if this were an anchorage any place we cruise in Florida, there would be at least 50 boats here. At least. Probably closer to 75… Another reason we love our sweet summers on the Great Lakes!