It’s a cold spring here in Michigan and it’s even chillier in Northern Michigan. It was a dark, damp, dreary morning with cold rain, and then snow showers appeared across the bay, over the Old Mission Peninsula this afternoon. Westerly winds kicked up for a while and blew ice that was floating in the middle of the bay to our shore by late afternoon. But then the skies began to clear and we were treated to a beautiful evening.

When we visit my parents, we often enjoy beautiful sunsets over Grand Traverse Bay. This evening’s beauty was another reminder that as pretty as Florida is, with its palm trees and deep blue skies and warm sun, that Michigan and the sweetwater seas we sail upon each summer are my heart’s true home.


One thought on “Michigan…

  1. Very beautiful, Jo! But still a bit too chilly for us! We are 2 days out of Norfolk, VA and it was 83 today. Hope all is well with you. Thinking so much of you and your family and you have a wonderful summer on the Great Lakes!!! Hugs, Elaine


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